Well hello there.

profile picI am a college student that has spent years studying Mechanical Engineering, a living oxymoron I’ve been told since supposedly engineers can’t write, but shattering stereotypes is one of my favorite hobbies.  Despite having worked so diligently towards such a degree, I have realized that my heart is far too deeply integrated with writing to let a life-long career in engineering satisfy me so now my studies include a wider variety of focuses.  Even though I am determined to get my Bachelor’s degree, my true dream is to publish my science-fiction saga.

I was first inspired by the science-fiction genre as a child when Star Trek Nemesis showed in theaters and my parents dragged me along to go see it.  I went into the theater not caring much for the genre at all.  And then Data died and I cried my little eyes out.  That story of self-sacrifice–of fighting for the greater good despite facing a much more powerful enemy–and of striving to bring peace between hostile races, moved me.

What else is there to know about me?  I grew up in Oklahoma as an only child.  I’m shy, elusive, and twisting my own arm to connect with a big scary world.  I’ve got dreams that I won’t allow to be held back by my anxieties.  Most of my pets are reptiles.  I sleep in a hammock and I don’t get why the rest of the first world isn’t catching onto this amazing trend.  My favorite music artists include NF, Skillet, Toby Mac, Veridia and many more.  I’m an eclectic person with a personality constantly clashing with itself.

Any time I ask myself what life’s about, I answer to myself one word–Love–and for me, that means to write and to write meaningfully.

When a screen-writer decided to kill off Data, was it realized in that moment how much the story would move a soul?  When that screen-writer was first inspired to become a writer, did the creator of that source of inspiration ever realize how that action–however large or small it seemed to be at the moment, changed a life?  I believe that chain-reactions of inspirations shape and change the world.  I write to be another step in that chain-reaction.