Looking for Something Fresh to Read?

Hello, Lovely Readers,

Today I am thrilled to reveal a little writing secret born from a dream many years ago–my upcoming debut novel, Serronousa.  Serronousa is a science-fiction saga that has both fueled and consumed my passion for writing throughout the years.  I invite you to follow my blog to watch for updates and other exciting surprises—like sneak peek preview stories to introduce the vast universe of Serronousa and some of its characters.

Wondering what Serronousa is all about?  Here is a brief tease for Part One.

In the intergalactic province of Leandrika, humans are believed to be mere myths until the Xoddu people take in a hunted human refugee named Ezter.  Saundrea, an escaped lab experiment and alien orphan raised by the Xoddu learns a dark truth about herself when the enemy race tracks Ezter to the Xoddu’s world.  The long stalled Ageless War resumes as the enemy emperor sends his son to deal with the conflict, but little does his son, Akzilon, know that his fellow hunters are after his head just as much as Ezter’s and Saundrea’s.

Still titillating your curiosity?  Don’t forget to follow my blog.  Join in on the journey to discover for yourself what Serronousa is all about.


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